Diary of Pte Curtis

The Diary of Private Curtis:

Sunday, 20.09.42 (2 lines crossed out, illegible)

Monday, 21.09.42 At 0:10 the first explosion, at 0:40 the biggest explosion. Engage enemy at 2 hrs. Capt H. and Priv. E. wounded, unit splits up, our group of six is found at 18.30 hrs, and captured by fifty enemies. Taken to Glomfjord, fed and sleeping alone. No belts.

Tuesday, 22.09.42 Held on my own all day. Interrogated. 17:00 to ship, well fed and together (with the others).

Wednesday, 23.09.42 Landed at 5 hrs at Moesjoem and loaded onto train at 8 hrs. Alone in wagon. Reached Trondheim after dark. Taken to prison barracks. Always alone.

Thursday, 24.09.42 washed. Interrogated – again in the middle of the night. (will be shot as spies).

Friday, 25.09.42 shaved (first time since England). After lunch, loaded onto train. (Food here not bad, still no belt, and hole in trousers).

Saturday, 26.09.42 Arrival Oslo 8 o’clock. Left in prison with rucksacks (received food and had personal items returned). Together all afternoon. Separated at 18 hrs and back into solitary. Changed cell at 24 hrs. (Wearing belt again).

Sunday, 27.09.42 Left alone all day, little food. 

Monday, 28.09.42 Interrogated again (will be shot). The monotony gets on my nerves. Add to rations from my own supplies.

Tuesday, 29.09.42 No breakfast, Interrogated, (still to be shot). Hungry and mad. Borrowed pencil from Chudley, saved me from going mad. Exercise before supper for 10 minutes. 

Wednesday, 30.09.42 Received a roll of sweets. Still keeping myself occupied with doodles. Feeling better physically and mentally. Still hungry.

Thursday, 01.10.42 We were told with many details that we are considered to be prisoners of war. Promised better food, and books. Jack, Dick, E. and O. are dead. Trigg badly wounded. Borrowed a pencil again and started diary. 

Friday, 02.10.42 Zepler lent me two books. Told me that lads got away. Exercise and books revive me. Photographed. Our food is used up. 

Saturday, 03.10.42 Guard when changed, gave us their hand. Are we being taken away? (I hope so!). Yes, we were told to be ready by 11. Shaved, down to port, on board, departure. Lots of bread stuffing ourselves. Thank God we are together again. 

Sunday, 04.10.42 Landing in Copenhagen at dawn. Plentiful rations on ship, feel like newborn people. By train to Germany. 

Monday, 05.10.42 Changed trains in Flensburg at 6 o’clock. Arrived in Luebeck at 22.30 (via Kiel). Taken to Oflag C (poles). 

Tuesday, 06.10.42 Taken to a train at 1 o’clock by different guards. Lose Joseph and Co. (good lads!) Removing our shoes and belts in the train. 

Wednesday, 07.10.42 Being told that our rations only have to last to lunchtime. Arrive in Colditz at 9.30. Locked in cells, frisked, received number Oflag IVC 1641. Photographed, all together in cell. Rations in train were supposed to last until tonight. Received no food all day. 

Thursday, 08.10.42 Food seems to be O.K. 14 cigarettes and 4 books. Half an hour’s exercise in the valley, lovely weather. Red Cross parcels arrived after supper – what a sensation, plus tea and English food. We feel really happy, as if we were on holiday. English food, marmalade, butter, chocolate, sweets, tea, milk, sugar etc. Tonight we feel really terrific!

Friday, 09.10.42 Exercise after breakfast. Red Cross marmalade makes bread taste like at home. The Duty Corporal brought us English tea from their stock. He got us four razors, two brushes, soap and a pack of cards (decent bloke). 

Here the diary ends abruptly.

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