Memoirs of Capt Barry

Memoirs of Captain Barry:

The Commandos were mentioned in another ex-prisoner’s recollections of life at Colditz. Captain Rupert Barry, one of the longest serving POWs at Colditz and at the heart of escaping activity. Barry was writing about communicating with London by code when in his article the subject of the commandos were referred to:

“Six Commandos ex-Norway had arrived in the Colditz local police lock-up in the village. We knew they were there and rations for 6 were duly ordered. We knew nothing of them, not even their names, but we did know that because they were Commandos their position n Germany was, to say the least, insecure. Goldman (Solly Goldman, Orderly extraordinaire, ..Ed. GW) was asked to obtain any details he could but at the very least he must get their names. As things turned out they were not prepared to talk at all, neither would they divulge their names as they did not know who Goldman was. It was not until the next day that they believed he was who he said he was and not, as they had suspected, some enemy agent. He did then obtain all their names. These were immediately sent back to Britain by code. As events turned out this was important later on the Germans tried to make out that they had all been killed in the operation they were engaged on in Norway, whereas they were murdered by the Gestapo in Berlin a few days later.”

‘Cooking up a Code’ by Rupert Barry an extract from ‘Colditz Recaptured’ by Reinhold Eggers (Duty Officer and latter Security Officer at Colditz).

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