Cpl Sverre Granlund

Sverre Granlund 9 November 1918 – 10 February 1943

Granlund was a Norwegian commando during the Second World War.

He was born in Sauherad, to a father from Øyer and a mother from Høyland. He lived initially in Saltdal and later, Bodø. His job was at the Nordland Line. He was a member of the Norwegian Red Cross Youth, and served in the Norwegian Army during the Battle of Narvik in 1940.

He fled Norway for Sweden in 1941, and later continued to the United Kingdom. Here he joined the Special Operations Executive and underwent training for the Norwegian Independent Company 1. His first operation was on 27 May 1941 when he set the Frostfile machine room of the factory in Bodø on fire.

In September 1942 Granlund was one of the two Norwegians Commandos on Operation Musketoon and had the role of being one of the two scouts. After the explosions and subsequent contact with the Germans he escaped and made his way to Sweden. The distance from Bjærangfjord to Sweden walked on foot by Granlund was 250 kilometres and took him over seven days. A very long distance with practically no food and only wearing his uniform.

He died at sea on 10 February 1943 in transit to Norway, when the Norwegian submarine HNoMS Uredd hit a German minefield southwest of Fugløyvær, carrying his team as part of Operation Seagull. He was 25.

Granlund was awarded Norway’s highest decoration for military gallantry, the War Cross with Sword. He also received the War Medal and the British Distinguished Conduct Medal.