Diary of Rev Platt

Diary of Rev Platt:

It is worth quoting directly from a account by a prisoner who briefly mentions the commandos in his diary (although incorrectly describing them as ‘parachutists’). If you notice the date maybe he can be forgiven for having his mind on other things around that time – Pat Reid, Hank Wardle, Ronnie Littledale and Bill Stephens escaped the night of 14/15th October. The diary entry for 14th was ‘ A very quiet but busy day. An intense, exciting evening.’

“Saturday 10 October. Seven British Parachutists are in the cells under the last archway, hence it has been difficult to establish communication with them. Their first enquiry convulsed us: were they in some sort of detention barracks because they were on half rations? It cheered us tremendously to hear them describe our full rations as half rations, and to hear that bread is still unrationed at home and there is ample food for everyone.”

‘Padre in Colditz – The Diary of J.Ellison Platt’ edited by Margaret Duggan

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