The group of 6 are found at 18.30 on Monday 21st September when they are surrounded and captured by fifty enemy.

They are taken to Glomfjord, fed and are separated.

On Tuesday 22.09.42 they are held on their own all day before being interrogated individually. At 17:00 they are taken to a ship, well fed and held together.

Wednesday, 23.09.42 they landed at 05:00 at Moesjoem and are loaded onto train at 08:00. They reach Trondheim after dark and are then taken to prison barracks, always being held alone.

On Thursday 24.09.42 they were able to wash before being interrogated – again in the middle of the night and were told they were to be shot as spies.

Friday, 25.09.42 they were  able to shave,  the first time since England. After lunch they were loaded onto a train. 

Saturday 26.09.42 the men arrived in Oslo at 08:00 and were left in a prison with rucksacks where they received food and had personal items returned. The men were together all afternoon before being separated at 18:00 and put back into solitary confinement. 

On Sunday 27.09.42 they were left alone all day with little food. 

Monday 28.09.42 they were interrogated again and once again were told they to be shot. 

Tuesday, 29.09.42 today there was no breakfast before being interrogated where again they were told they would be shot. By now the men were hungry. They were able to exercise before supper for 10 minutes. 

Wednesday, 30.09.42 although still hungry the men received a roll of sweets. 

Thursday, 01.10.42 they were told with many details that they are considered to be prisoners of war. The men were promised better food, and books. They were told all the others were dead, accept Trigg, who was badly wounded.

Friday, 02.10.42 their guard told the men that the others got away. The men were photographed. All of their food was used up. 

Saturday, 03.10.42 the men were told to be ready by 11:00. They shaved, went down to the port, boarded  and departed. They had lots of bread to eat and were held together.  

Sunday, 04.10.42 they landed in Copenhagen at dawn. They had plentiful rations on board ship. They then went by train to Germany. 

Monday, 05.10.42 They changed trains in Flensburg at 06:00 and arrived in Luebeck at 22:30 (via Kiel) before being taken to a camp for Poles. 

Tuesday, 06.10.42 the men were taken to a train at 13:00 by different guards. The officers and men were separated and they had to remove their shoes and belts on the train. 

Wednesday, 07.10.42 they were told that their rations only have to last to lunchtime. Arrive in Colditz at 09:30 where they were locked in the Arrest cells, frisked, and received their Oflag IVC numbers. They were photographed and all (the men) held together.

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